The Best Beach in Gujarat: Explore the Top 10 Beaches!



Hey there! Do you want to visit the best beach in Gujarat? Well, you need to read this article then. There are quite a few beaches that are prominent in Gujarat. However, finding the best beach in Gujarat is a task! I have listed the top 10 best beaches you must visit in Gujarat at least once. Explore the article further and get to know about these beaches!

Best Beach In Gujarat: The Top 10 List

1. Sivrajpur Beach

Sivrajpur Beach is the best beach in Gujarat that most people often visit. This beach is located near Dwarka in the Jamnagar district. This beach is well-known for beach activities like snorkeling, scuba diving, and sea bathing. This makes it a favorite destination for adventure lovers!

You can find various food stalls near the seashore providing the best seafood ever. The nearest is the Jamnagar Airport which is about 138 km away from the beach. But, it shouldn’t be a problem as you can reach the destination through various modes of transport.

It offers basic amenities like restaurants, making the visitors comfortable. Moreover, this beach has a rating of 4.5 stars on Google and a lot of people have given positive reviews about teh beach which makes it the best beach in Gujarat. So why not try visiting this beach and make your trip to Gujarat memorable?!

2. Tithal Beach

The next best beach in Gujarat is the Tithal Beach which is located just 4 km from the Valsad district. The best part about this beach is it is famous for its unique black sand which contrasts beautifully with the blue waters of the Arabian Sea!

If you are not sure how to reach this place, well, it is about 93 km from Surat airport and can be reached by train or bus. Since the beach is well-connected by road, reaching here will not be that difficult.

Tithal Beach has a 4.3-star rating on Google and the popularity of the beach is evident from the people’s comments about this beach. There are a few temples around the beach which also draw religious people to the spot.

3. Madhavapur Beach

If you are a person who would love to have a quiet time at the beach, then Madhavapur Beach in Gujarat is the best beach for you! This beach is about 60 km away from Porbandar Airport and is well-connected by road for easier accessibility.

There are several amenities provided at the beach to ensure the comfort of the visitors. The coconut trees not only provide shade but also contribute to the scenery making it one of the best beaches to have a day out or a picnic!

This beach has got a 4.6-star rating on Google and amazing reviews from the people who have visited the beach. So, all the peace-lovers, try visiting the beach at least once to have a great experience!

4. Dandi Beach

I’m sure almost everyone must have heard about the Dandi march where Mahatma Gandhi protested as a part of the Civil disobedience movement. That is why the beach is called Dandi Beach marking a great historical importance!

Apart from the beach being a symbol of India’s freedom struggle, it also offers a peaceful atmosphere to calm down the people who visit the beach. I’m sure this is a place where you can relax and dive into the pages of history, making Dandi Beach a unique blend of relaxation and learning.

This beach is located at Dandi in the city of Surat which is about 55.9 km away from the Surat Airport. You can reach here in about an hour and a half, enjoying the beauty of Gujarat!

5. Mandvi Beach

This is a beach in Gujarat that is well-known for commercial beach activities like water sports, camel and horse rides, etc. The beach is located in the southernmost point of the Kutch district in Gujarat. It is about 58 km away from Bhuj Airport and will not take you more than one and a half hours to reach here.

If you are an adventure-seeker, then I would suggest you visit the beach in Gujarat to have the best adventure water sports! The beach also has historical importance where the beach served as an important port for trading.

There are several places to visit near the beach like Vijay Vilas Palace, Grea Rann of Kutch, etc. I’m sure this would be the best beach that you would ever visit in your lifetime!

6. Okha-Madhi Beach

Do you love turtles? Okha-Madhi Beach is the best beach in Gujarat which serves as a sanctuary for turtles! You can see these beautiful turtles and the marine life by snorkeling. I guess it is a piece of good news for the adventure-seekers. Isn’t it?!

This beach is about 83.5 km from Porbandar Airport and can be reached with various modes of transport. You can enjoy the Gujarati culture and its beauty throughout the ride from the airport.

There are other famous places near the beach like Dwarkadhish Temple, which is a famous temple for Lord Krishna, and Nageshwar Jyotirlinga, a Shiva temple.  There is an island namely Beyt Dwarka which is known for its temples as well.

7. Dumas Beach

How about visiting a haunted beach in Gujarat?! Yes, the beach is a place where a lot of paranormal activities have been reported. Yet, it is still popular, and people visit it in the daytime. Dumas Beach is known for its amazing beach activities and unique black sand.

The black color of this sand is due to the high iron concentration in the sand. There are several beach activities like camel and horse rides, water games, etc., and a good destination for adventure lovers as well.

This beach is located in Dumas village and just 7 km away from the Surat Airport which makes it easy to access the beach. Though the beach is known as a haunted beach, it has still got a 4.1-star rating on Google. Isn’t that interesting? So, why not try this beach?!

8. Porbandar Beach

Porbandar is the place where the great Mahatma Gandhi was born. Moreover, this was an important trading center for trades between the Arab, Perian, and African countries to India. That makes it a historically important beach in Gujarat.

The Porbandar Beach is located exactly between Veraval and Dwarka and provides an amazing view. Also, it is just 10 km away from the Porbandar Airport and you will reach here in no time!

There are other beautiful places near the beach like Rani Baug Park for having a peaceful walk, and Darbargadh Palace marking the palatial architecture.

9. Dunny Point

This beach is the first eco-tourism destination in Gujarat located in Beit Dwarka. It is well-known for its unique sea camping experience and water-based activities. This would be the best spot for eco-friendly travelers as it paves the way for bird watching, etc.

The nearest airport is the Jamnagar Airport which is 170 km away from the beach. You have various modes of transport like buses and trains to reach the beach easily. The Dwarka railway station is just 30 km away which makes it easily accessible.

The beach is one of the best destinations in Gujarat and has a 4.5-star rating on Google. I’m sure you would definitely love the amazing views of the place and will never feel like leaving once you visit!

10. Ubharat Beach

Ubharat Beach is a famous beach in Gujarat that is famous for its soft, golden sand and clear waters. It is the perfect place for camel and horse riding and beach sports, making it the right destination for all the adventure-seekers!

This beach is located in Surat and is about 48 km away from the Surat airport. The beach is well-connected by road which makes it easy for you to access.
Moreover, it has a 4.0-star rating on Google and many positive reviews and suggestions left by people to visit the beach at least once. So, try visiting the beach and get to enjoy the amazing beach activities!

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