How to Boost Productivity While Working From Home?


How to Boost Productivity While Working From Home?

Being productive can be a big challenge if you don’t have the right setup while working from your home. The most vital products for your working from home setup are a chair and a desk. But, I’ll not talk about these 2 as there’re some better videos/blogs available for these out there.

We’ll try to cover some other atypical additions to your working from the home setup that can help you to boost productivity.

We have selected 8 products – that go beyond your bullet journals and basic planners – to help you increase your productivity and propel you towards accomplishing your aims, whether they might be.

Without wasting your time, let’s get started about Boost Productivity While Working From Home

Sticky Notes

Colorful sticky notes will help you remind yourself to some important notes while working from home, and these colorful option make your office desk more cheerful and boost your productivity.

Ergonomic chair

Let’s face it, while working from the chair or sofa gets old – and distracting – extremely quickly. It is not ideal for your body and posture. If there is one thing that is going to help you – if you can easily afford it – it is a remarkable, comfortable ergonomic desk chair.

Time Cube

If you find yourself having a difficult time staying focused on small jobs, the Time Cube makes getting the work done feel almost playing a video game. 

Whether you want ten continuous minutes to lastly fold your clothes or thirty minutes to press in a few yoga moves, with no dials or buttons, all you’ve to do is splits the time cube to start the countdown again and turn it upright when the timer goes off. Who Knew that timing you could be sort of fun?

Desk Alarm Clock 

It is vital to keep at your office area free from cutlers and having an office table caddy that can contain all your writing tools is essential. This one also features a desk alarm clock so you can stay on your job.

It can be hard to get distracted when working from home, but having a plan for your leisure time, work hours, and catching up with family and friends is a vital part of your maximizing productivity! 

Try to set an alarm for a 2hr block or concentrate on work in the morning, and then get some break to stretch your body and get a cup of tea/coffee just like you’d in your regular office.

Smart Table Lamp

Lighting affects our mood very much. When it comes to alertness and productivity, research has found that further exposure to natural light, cooler lighting like violets and blues is optimal. 

With a nightstand LED lamp, you can simply control your space’s color temp and brightness with the touch of your voice or finger. Whether you need to focus or simply chill out, the Smart table lamp has no storage of features for setting the ambiance you want.

Phone Charging Mouse pad

If you are working on a PC at home, you need a mouse pad and this one comes with a special sport to wirelessly charge your mobile phone! You can put down the charger down flat so you are not distracted by mobile alerts or you can utilize the kickstand to see the mobile display if you are waiting for an important text or call.


If you are typing on a keyboard full day, sometimes it is fine to take some break and go back to the basics with a simple pen and notebook to jot down notes, reminders, and to-do lists. It is also a useful memory hack to write notes when you are on important calls because it can assist you bear in mind the conversation better than typing similar notes.

Lap Desk

If you do not have a desk or just need a break from your work, take this lap desk to the sofa or the patio to get some neat, fresh air! it makes it easy to balance your laptop on your lap or take a few notes during a conference call, while you are relaxing.

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