Top 8 Best Perfumes For Women To Try This Holiday Season


There are many fragrances, colognes, and perfumes available on the market today. Sometimes it can be difficult to decide which scent is best for you or your loved one. This list will provide you with a wide variety of scents that should fit your preference.


1. Chanel No.5


If you love the smell of a sweet, floral scent and are looking for something with a more unusual and exotic base note, then Chanel No. 5 is for you. It does have a strong sweet scent; however, it is not overpowering or cloying. The herbal notes will calm your body and relax your mind after a hard day’s work. This perfume is perfect for special occasions and women beauty tips for face who love to wear extremely light scents that keep them smelling fresh all day long.


2. L’air Du Temps


L’air Du Temps is another perfume that can be worn to work on a daily basis. This scent contains a strong floral fragrance with a hint of leaves and musk. It is perfect for women beauty tips for face who love to smell light, yet feminine. L’air du Temps is not as overwhelming as many of the other scents on this list. If you do not like floral perfumes, this is one you should definitely try!


3. Opium by Yves Saint Laurent

A favorite among celebrities around the world, this perfume has a strong and unusual base note that will linger on your clothes long after you have left the room. This perfume is definitely not for everyone. If you are looking for a strong, long-lasting scent and enjoy wearing unusual perfumes, this is the one for you.

4. Obsession by Calvin Klein


This perfume has a strong citrus scent with hints of vanilla and musk. It is a perfect compliment to those who love perfumes with heavy floral scents. This perfume is an excellent choice for women who are looking for something that has more of a musky scent than many of the other perfumes on this list. It can also be worn every day without overwhelming your co-workers or family members!


5. Secret de Parfum by Calvin Klein


This perfume contains a strong floral scent with a hint of mint. It is more popular than Obsession and many women will wear this perfume on a daily basis. Secret de Parfum will last the whole day and make you smile in the morning!


6. Very Irresistible by Yves Saint Laurent


Very Irresistible is a very popular perfume that originated in China. It has a very unique and exotic scent. This perfume contains burned amber, sandalwood, cinnamon, cloves and incense. It is great for women face beauty home tips who want a perfume that will make them feel sexy and confident. Very Irresistible is a much different scent than the others on this list, so if you are looking for something different and exotic, then Very Irresistible is the perfect perfume!

7. Chanel No. 19


Chanel No. 19 contains a sweet floral scent with a very intriguing base note of sandalwood. This perfume is perfect for women who love to smell flowery, but also like to add an element of mystery to their fragrance selection. It is not as strong as many of the other perfumes on this list; however if you do not like strong floral scents, then you should try Chanel No. 19.


8. Chloé by Chloé


Chloe is a popular perfume that has been around for years. This perfume contains vanilla and musk, so it is for women face beauty home tips who like sweet scents with a hint of musk. It is very light and easy to wear throughout the day; however, it can also be worn to more formal occasions if you would like! This perfume is perfect because it smells very light, yet sexy and fresh at the same time.


This article has presented you with a list of the top 8 best perfumes for women. From Chanel to Chloé, each different perfume will provide you or your loved one with a unique scent that is perfect for any occasion. If you are considering buying someone a perfume this holiday season, then be sure to visit our site and learn more about these ten unique perfumes!


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