7 Future Technologies Available today- Your home is about to get a whole lot smarter


In just a few years, our homes will be unrecognizable. Soon, we won’t have to walk up four flights of stairs to get anywhere within the house. And you won’t need a key to enter your own home. Here are seven new technologies coming that will make your life easier: 

1) The “smart home” – all devices in and around the house, from lights and TV sets to curtains and dishwashers, can communicate with each other wirelessly through Wi-Fi networks or other wireless platforms like Bluetooth. For example: A motion detector detects somebody entering the room who is not recognized by any nearby smart devices. It means visitors are not allowed to enter the house. But if the motion detector is turned off, any person using the Internet or smart phones will be able to open the door remotely.

2) Internet enabled cars – within a few years, cars will be totally Internet-enabled. There will be no separate steering wheel and driver seat anymore. A tablet computer on top of the steering wheel and a wireless controller serves as a plug-in for our car’s systems, including entertainment and navigation functions. Drivers can get directions on their tablets, find restaurants near their destination and even listen to music through Bluetooth headsets and receivers that are built into the vehicle itself.

3) Augmented reality – we are already starting to see more and more augmented reality applications. For example, when we are looking at a virtual map on an iPad, the vehicle will also be able to control our destination via the device. With augmented reality, our hands won’t be on the steering wheel but on a remote controller for exploring an imaginary world instead new business ideas in hindi.

4) Wireless charging – wireless charging is currently being tested in sport cars and in the latest smartphones such as Apple’s iPhone 14 Pro. It allows placing devices such as cell phones or portable music players anywhere within proximity of electromagnetic fields to charge them wirelessly. No plugging and unplugging cables is necessary new business ideas in hindi.

5) Laser projection – new laser technology can be projected onto any surface. It may soon replace traditional TVs and monitors as well as projectors. A flat panel display is a two-dimensional object that makes three-dimensional laser projection possible in the future.

6) Nanotechnology and nanosensors – there will be no more separate phone charger. The phone itself will be charged by electromagnetic fields everywhere we go! With microchips on the rise in mobile devices, we can finally get rid of all those wires that were once so important in setting up a home office or entertainment center.

7) Information appliances – features like persistent search and context-aware information will allow us to get anything we want from any device. Refrigerators, for example, will tell us about groceries we need to buy, caller ID will be shown on TV sets and digital picture frames and our clothes can remind us of appointments by sending signals to our phones. 

Bridging the gap between the object and subject of our home, we have an opportunity to live in a world with fairly low energy consumption, where versatility and energy efficiency are key. And how better to do this than by making smart devices that can be controlled by their owners? The new technologies will be based on strong foundations of open source development to ensure they become affordable commodities for the masses idea of small scale business.

All of these new technologies are currently being developed in labs around the world. Soon, idea of small scale business our homes will become much more intelligent than we could ever imagine.

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