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If you are looking for the top 20 product based companies in India, well, you have come to the right place! As freshers, who have just graduated college, you might be wondering which is the best company where you find the right job. There are endless career opportunities available to you, due to a wide range of product based companies in India. It is not that you have to graduate from the top business schools in India or other prestigious institutions to join them. What matters is your effort!

There’s no doubt you’ll be bombarded with information, and the term “product-based companies” is one such term that gets thrown around a lot. The question is not as frequently answered, though, as to what a product-based company is, what its scope is, and what kind of jobs it offers.

As a result, this article will provide you with an in-depth understanding of product-based companies, what they do, and how they differ from service-based companies. We will discuss the top product-based companies in India where you can shape your future in the best possible way.

Top 20 Product Based Companies In India

1. Amazon

The only company as prestigious as Amazon, along with Alphabet, Apple, Meta, and Microsoft, is Amazon. In addition to being a major part of everyday life for billions of people, it is often referred to as one of the world’s most influential economic and cultural forces. Jeff Bezos founded it in Bellevue, Washington, and it is headquartered in Seattle, Washington. This company, which started out as an online bookseller, has rapidly grown into one of the top 20 product based companies in India.

Top 20 Product Based Companies In India – Amazon

Top 5 Products:

  1. Amazon Prime: Subscription service with benefits like fast shipping, streaming of movies, music, and exclusive deals.
  2. Amazon Web Services (AWS): Cloud computing platform offering scalable and reliable infrastructure services.
  3. Kindle: E-readers with e-ink display for reading e-books.
  4. Amazon Echo: Smart speaker with Alexa for voice interaction and home automation.
  5. Amazon Fire TV: Media streaming devices for accessing streaming services and apps.

Reasons to Choose Amazon:

  • Global Impact: Influence global commerce and technology.
  • Innovation Hub: Opportunity to work on cutting-edge technologies and innovations.
  • Career Growth: Extensive career development opportunities in diverse fields.
  • Work Environment: Known for a challenging yet rewarding work culture.
  • Customer-Centric: Focus on delivering exceptional customer experiences and solutions.

2. Alphabet

As a product-based company, Alphabet offers an amazing work culture to freshers. It was founded in 1998 in Menlo Park by Larry Page and Sergey Brin and is headquartered in Mountain View, California. The company operates seven offices in India, including Pune, Gurgaon, Hyderabad, Chennai, Kolkata, Bangalore and Mumbai.

Top 20 Product Based Companies In India – Alphabet

Top 5 Products:

  1. Google Search: World’s most popular search engine.
  2. Google Ads: Advertising platform for businesses to reach customers online.
  3. Android OS: Mobile operating system powering smartphones and tablets globally.
  4. Google Cloud Platform (GCP): Cloud computing services for building and scaling applications.
  5. YouTube: Video-sharing platform for users to upload, view, and share content.

Reasons to Choose Alphabet:

  • Innovation Leader: Constantly pushing boundaries in technology and AI.
  • Work Culture: Known for a stimulating and supportive work environment.
  • Global Reach: Opportunity to impact billions of users worldwide.
  • Learning Opportunities: Access to extensive learning and development resources.
  • Impactful Projects: Work on projects that redefine how people use technology in daily life.

3. Apple

Steve Jobs, Steve Wozniak, and Ronald Wayne founded Apple Inc. in 1976. Located in Cupertino, California, it designs, develops, and sells consumer electronics, software, and online services. In addition to being one of the world’s largest technology companies, the company is known for its innovative design and marketing.

Top 20 Product Based Companies In India – Apple

Top 5 Products:

  1. iPhone: Iconic smartphones known for design and performance.
  2. MacBook: High-performance laptops with macOS.
  3. iPad: Tablets for productivity and creativity.
  4. Apple Watch: Smartwatches with health and fitness tracking.
  5. AirPods: Wireless earphones offering seamless connectivity.

Reasons to Choose Apple:

  • Innovative Culture: Work for a company known for revolutionary product designs.
  • Quality Standards: Commitment to excellence and user experience.
  • Brand Impact: Be part of a globally recognized brand shaping consumer technology.
  • Career Growth: Opportunities to grow within diverse product lines.
  • Employee Benefits: Comprehensive benefits package and wellness programs.

4. Flipkart

With its headquarters in Bangalore, Karnataka, India, Flipkart is an Indian e-commerce company registered in Singapore. Before expanding into other product categories like consumer electronics, fashion, home essentials, groceries, and lifestyle products, the company initially focused on online book sales.

Top 20 Product Based Companies In India – Flipkart
  1. Flipkart Online Marketplace: E-commerce platform for a wide range of products.
  2. Flipkart Plus: Membership program offering rewards and benefits.
  3. Myntra: Online fashion and lifestyle store.
  4. Flipkart Supermart: Online grocery shopping platform.
  5. Flipkart SmartBuy: Private label offering various consumer products.

Reasons to Choose Flipkart:

  • E-commerce Leader: Opportunity to work in India’s leading e-commerce company.
  • Innovative Solutions: Focus on developing new technologies and solutions.
  • Scale and Impact: Impact millions of customers across India.
  • Startup Environment: Agile and dynamic work environment.

5. Microsoft

In addition to computer software, consumer electronics, personal computers, and related services, Microsoft Corporation is an American multinational technology company. Microsoft’s most famous software products include Microsoft Windows, Microsoft Office, Internet Explorer, and Edge.

Top 20 Product Based Companies In India – Microsoft

Top 5 Products:

  1. Windows Operating System: Widely used operating system for PCs.
  2. Microsoft Office Suite: Productivity software including Word, Excel, and PowerPoint.
  3. Azure: Cloud computing platform and services.
  4. Surface Devices: Premium laptops and tablets.
  5. Xbox: Gaming consoles and entertainment systems.

Reasons to Choose Microsoft:

  • Technological Innovation: Leading in software and cloud computing technologies.
  • Career Development: Opportunities for career growth and learning.
  • Global Impact: Work for a company influencing industries globally.
  • Diverse Teams: Collaborate with diverse teams across the globe.
  • Work-Life Balance: Emphasis on work-life balance and employee well-being.

6. Adobe

As an American worldwide program organization, Adobe Inc. was initially known as Adobe Systems Incorporated. The company, which is headquartered in San Jose, California, has spent considerable time developing and distributing a wide range of content, including designs, photography, multimedia, animations, and more. The offices of Adobe are located in New Delhi, Bangalore, and Noida.

Top 20 Product Based Companies In India – Adobe
  1. Adobe Creative Cloud: Suite of creative software including Photoshop, Illustrator, and Premiere Pro.
  2. Adobe Acrobat: PDF creation, editing, and document management software.
  3. Adobe Experience Cloud: Digital experience management platform for marketing and analytics.
  4. Adobe Stock: Stock photography, illustrations, and video assets.
  5. Adobe XD: Design and prototyping tool for UX/UI design.

Reasons to Choose Adobe:

  • Creative Innovation: Work with cutting-edge tools in digital media and marketing.
  • Global Impact: Influence digital experiences worldwide.
  • Career Growth: Opportunities to innovate and grow in a creative environment.
  • Work-Life Balance: Supportive work culture promoting work-life balance.
  • Community Engagement: Adobe’s commitment to social responsibility and community involvement.

7. Salesforce

Founded in 1999 and headquartered in San Francisco, California, Salesforce is a renowned provider of cloud-based solutions. Its CRM platform enables businesses to effectively manage customer data, track sales leads, automate marketing processes, and deliver exceptional customer service. Available via web browsers or mobile apps, the platform boasts customizable applications and tools tailored to fulfill diverse business requirements.

Moreover, Salesforce has gained recognition for its philanthropic efforts and dedication to corporate social responsibility, earning a spot among the top 20 product based companies in India

Top 20 Product Based Companies In India – Salesforce

Top 5 Products:

  1. Salesforce CRM: Cloud-based customer relationship management platform.
  2. Salesforce Marketing Cloud: Integrated marketing platform for personalized marketing campaigns.
  3. Salesforce Service Cloud: Customer service and support management solution.
  4. Salesforce Commerce Cloud: E-commerce platform for B2B and B2C businesses.
  5. Salesforce Platform: App development and integration platform.

Reasons to Choose Salesforce:

  • Cloud Pioneers: Leading in cloud-based solutions for customer success.
  • Innovation Culture: Focus on innovation and cutting-edge technologies.
  • Global Opportunities: Impact businesses worldwide with Salesforce solutions.
  • Career Development: Continuous learning and career growth opportunities.
  • Ohana Culture: Supportive culture emphasizing trust, equality, and giving back to the community.

8. Intel

A semiconductor chip producer unit within Intel, as well as a microprocessor production unit, is the largest in the world. Besides this, Intel also supplies microprocessors to the largest computer manufacturers, such as Dell, HP, and Lenovo. Among Intel’s top products are semiconductor chips, graphics chips, embedded processors, and motherboard chipsets.

Top 20 Product Based Companies In India – intel

Top 5 Products:

  1. Intel Core Processors: High-performance processors for PCs and laptops.
  2. Intel Xeon Processors: Server processors optimized for data centers.
  3. Intel Optane Memory: Memory and storage solutions for faster computing.
  4. Intel RealSense: Depth-sensing cameras for computer vision applications.
  5. Intel FPGA: Field-programmable gate arrays for customizable hardware acceleration.

Reasons to Choose Intel:

  • Technology Leader: Innovating in semiconductor technology and computing solutions.
  • Global Impact: Influence in shaping the future of technology and data.
  • Career Growth: Opportunities to work on diverse projects and advance skills.
  • Inclusive Environment: Emphasis on diversity and inclusion in the workplace.
  • Employee Benefits: Comprehensive benefits and rewards for employees

9. Google

In addition to search engines and product advertising techniques, it offers cloud computing software and hardware. The headquarters of Google are located in Mountain View, California. In India, Google has offices in Gurgaon, Mumbai, Bangalore, Chennai, Pune, Kolkata, and Hyderabad.

Top 20 Product Based Companies In India – Google

Top 5 Products:

  1. Google Search: The world’s most popular search engine.
  2. Google Ads: Online advertising platform.
  3. Google Cloud Platform (GCP): Cloud computing services.
  4. Android: Mobile operating system.
  5. Google Workspace (formerly G Suite): Productivity and collaboration tools.

Reasons to Choose Google:

  • Innovation Hub: Pioneering breakthrough technologies and products.
  • Global Impact: Making information accessible and useful worldwide.
  • Engineering Excellence: Opportunities to work on large-scale, impactful projects.
  • Culture of Creativity: Supportive environment for innovation and idea exploration.
  • Employee Benefits: Competitive compensation, perks, and career development opportunities.

10. Intuit

An Intuit business venture focuses on its financial aspects. This company is ideal for those with an interest in both IT and finance. There is one Intuit office in India, located in Bangalore.

Top 20 Product Based Companies In India – Intuit

Top 5 Products:

  1. QuickBooks: Accounting software for small businesses and self-employed individuals.
  2. TurboTax: Tax preparation software for individuals and businesses.
  3. Mint: Personal finance and budgeting software.
  4. Intuit Payroll: Payroll processing and management software.
  5. Intuit ProConnect: Professional tax preparation software for accountants.

Reasons to Choose Intuit:

  • Financial Empowerment: Helping individuals and businesses manage finances effectively.
  • Innovation in Fintech: Leading in financial technology solutions.
  • Customer Focus: Commitment to customer success and satisfaction.
  • Career Growth: Opportunities to innovate and grow in fintech industry.
  • Work-Life Balance: Supportive work environment promoting work-life balance.

11. Cisco

In 1984, two Stanford University computer scientists founded Cisco, which is now a multinational technology conglomerate based in San Juan, California. As a result of a Fortune magazine employee satisfaction survey conducted in 2021, Cisco was ranked as one of the top 20 product based companies in India 2021. The company manufactures, develops, and sells routers, switches, and cybersecurity products.

Top 20 Product Based Companies In India – Cisco
  1. Cisco Catalyst Switches: Ethernet switches for enterprise networks.
  2. Cisco ISR Routers: Integrated services routers for branch offices.
  3. Cisco ASA Firewalls: Adaptive security appliances for network security.
  4. Cisco Webex: Collaboration tools including video conferencing and team messaging.
  5. Cisco Meraki: Cloud-managed IT solutions for network infrastructure.

Reasons to Choose Cisco:

  • Network Innovation: Leader in networking and cybersecurity solutions.
  • Global Presence: Opportunities to work with customers worldwide.
  • Career Development: Learning and development programs for career growth.
  • Inclusive Culture: Emphasis on diversity and inclusion in the workplace.
  • Technological Impact: Influence in shaping the future of networking and communications.

12. McAfee

We have already been familiar with this company due to its antivirus. A leading computer security company, McAfee is based in San Jose, USA. It has developed award-winning antivirus software for PCs, android phones, and tablets. In addition to protecting the device from the latest threats, McAfee provides a VPN.

Top 20 Product Based Companies In India – McAfee

Top 5 Products:

  1. McAfee Total Protection: Comprehensive antivirus and internet security software.
  2. McAfee Endpoint Security: Endpoint protection platform for enterprise security.
  3. McAfee Web Gateway: Web security solution for threat prevention.
  4. McAfee MVISION Cloud: Cloud access security broker (CASB) for data protection.
  5. McAfee ePolicy Orchestrator (ePO): Centralized security management platform.

Reasons to Choose McAfee:

  • Cybersecurity Leadership: Leading provider of cybersecurity solutions globally.
  • Innovative Technologies: Focus on cutting-edge threat detection and prevention.
  • Global Impact: Protecting millions of users and businesses worldwide.
  • Career Growth: Opportunities to work in a dynamic and challenging industry.
  • Work-Life Balance: Supportive work environment promoting balance and well-being.

13. PayPal

PayPal is one of the leading companies for online payments. The motto of the company is to reduce undesired issues with money transfers. PayPal’s headquarters are located in California. PayPal aims to create a strong position in the Indian market. PayPal believes its engagement policies will eventually help. They have a popular online payment gateway by PayPal that facilitates international transactions.

Top 20 Product Based Companies In India – PayPal

Top 5 Products:

  1. PayPal Payments: Online payments platform for individuals and businesses.
  2. PayPal Checkout: Integration for online merchants to accept payments.
  3. Venmo: Mobile payment service for peer-to-peer transactions.
  4. Braintree: Payment gateway for online and mobile commerce.
  5. Xoom: International money transfer service.

Reasons to Choose PayPal:

  • Digital Payments Leader: Innovator in online and mobile payments.
  • Global Reach: Facilitating transactions across borders and currencies.
  • Financial Inclusion: Enabling access to digital financial services globally.
  • Career Development: Opportunities in fintech and digital commerce.
  • Inclusive Culture: Emphasis on diversity, inclusion, and community impact

14. Uber

Mobility as a service is provided by this well-known American company. Consumers are able to select their ride options and the fare is determined in advance by their travel location and distance. According to Uber’s website, it is operating in 72 countries by 2021, and its headquarters are in San Francisco. Uber has a subsidiary known as Uber Eats, which delivers food in a matter of minutes. It is Uber’s model of income to charge per booking commission.

Top 20 Product Based Companies In India – Uber

Top 5 Products:

  1. Uber Rides: On-demand ride-hailing service.
  2. Uber Eats: Food delivery service.
  3. Uber Freight: Freight transport and logistics service.
  4. Uber Health: Medical transportation service.
  5. Uber Elevate: Urban air mobility initiative.

Reasons to Choose Uber:

  • Mobility Innovation: Transforming transportation with technology.
  • Global Presence: Operating in numerous countries and cities worldwide.
  • Flexible Work Opportunities: Options for both drivers and corporate roles.
  • Tech-driven Solutions: Using data and AI to improve urban mobility.
  • Social Impact: Improving access to transportation and delivery services

15. Informatica

Amit Walia is the CEO of Informatica, a software company based in Redwood City, California. The company offers core products such as Enterprise Cloud Data Management and Data Integration, that has made it one of the top 20 product based companies in India!

Top 20 Product Based Companies In India – Informatica

Top 5 Products:

  1. Informatica PowerCenter: Enterprise data integration and management.
  2. Informatica Cloud Data Integration: Cloud-based data integration platform.
  3. Informatica MDM: Master data management solution.
  4. Informatica ETL: Extract, transform, load tools for data integration.
  5. Informatica Data Quality: Data quality and governance solutions.

Reasons to Choose Informatica:

  • Data Management Leader: Leader in enterprise data management solutions.
  • Innovative Technologies: Advanced tools for data integration and governance.
  • Global Impact: Helping organizations manage and leverage data effectively.
  • Career Growth: Opportunities to work with leading data-driven companies.
  • Culture of Excellence: Focused on delivering high-quality data solutions.

16. Amdocs

Founded in 1988 and headquartered in Chesterfield, Missouri, Amdocs is an American Multinational company that specializes in software and services for a variety of industries including communications, media, and financial services providers, as well as digital enterprises. Notably, Amdocs is also ranked among the top public companies and was recognized as the 12th best outsourcing provider in the world across all industries in 2012.

Top 20 Product Based Companies In India – Amdocs

Top 5 Products:

  1. Amdocs CES: Customer experience solutions for telecom providers.
  2. Amdocs Digital: Digital transformation solutions for service providers.
  3. Amdocs Optima: BSS/OSS (Business Support Systems/Operations Support Systems).
  4. Amdocs Cloud: Cloud services for telecom and media industries.
  5. Amdocs DataONE: Data analytics platform for service providers.

Reasons to Choose Amdocs:

  • Telecom Leader: Specializing in software and services for communications providers.
  • Digital Transformation: Helping companies innovate and adapt in the digital age.
  • Global Footprint: Operating in over 85 countries with diverse opportunities.
  • Professional Growth: Learning and development programs for career advancement.
  • Collaborative Environment: Team-oriented culture fostering innovation and creativity.

17. VMware

A leading provider of cloud computing and virtualization software solutions, VMware was founded in 1988 in Palo Alto, California. VMware is based in Palo Alto, California. Today, VMware’s desktop software runs on any computer, from Windows to Linux, thanks to its focus on innovation and customer satisfaction.

Top 20 Product Based Companies In India – VMware


Top 5 Products:

  1. VMware vSphere: Leading server virtualization platform.
  2. VMware Workspace ONE: Unified endpoint management and digital workspace platform.
  3. VMware NSX: Network virtualization and security platform.
  4. VMware Cloud Foundation: Integrated cloud infrastructure software.
  5. VMware Horizon: Virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI) solution.

Reasons to Choose VMware:

  • Virtualization Pioneer: Leader in virtualization and cloud computing solutions.
  • Innovative Technologies: Advancing IT infrastructure with cutting-edge solutions.
  • Global Impact: Enabling digital transformation for businesses worldwide.
  • Career Development: Opportunities in software-defined data center and cloud technologies.
  • Culture of Excellence: Focused on innovation, integrity, and customer success

18. Oracle

In 1977, Oracle founded a multinational computer technology company headquartered in California. By revenue and market capitalization, it ranks third in the world. In addition to developing CRM software, supply chain management software, and database development ERP-type software, it won the Channel Camps award for best CRM software.

Top 20 Product Based Companies In India – Oracle

Top 5 Products:

  1. Oracle Database: Industry-leading relational database management system (RDBMS).
  2. Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI): Cloud computing service.
  3. Oracle ERP Cloud: Enterprise resource planning (ERP) software.
  4. Oracle HCM Cloud: Human capital management (HCM) software.
  5. Oracle CX Cloud: Customer experience (CX) suite.

Reasons to Choose Oracle:

  • Enterprise Software Leader: Providing comprehensive business solutions globally.
  • Cloud Innovation: Leading in cloud infrastructure and platform services.
  • Global Presence: Serving industries across the globe with diverse career opportunities.
  • Technology Leadership: Pioneer in database management and enterprise software.
  • Professional Growth: Continuous learning and development in cutting-edge technologies.

19. IBM

It was one of the first product-based companies in India and was introduced in the 1880s, a century before any of the other companies on this list.

Top 20 Product Based Companies In India – IBM

Top 5 Products:

  1. IBM Watson: AI-powered cognitive computing platform.
  2. IBM Cloud: Hybrid cloud and AI solutions.
  3. IBM Power Systems: Servers optimized for big data and analytics.
  4. IBM Blockchain: Enterprise blockchain solutions.
  5. IBM Security: Comprehensive cybersecurity solutions.

Reasons to Choose IBM:

  • Technology Innovator: Pioneer in AI, cloud computing, and blockchain technology.
  • Global Impact: Driving innovation and solving complex business challenges worldwide.
  • Career Development: Opportunities in cutting-edge technologies and research.
  • Corporate Responsibility: Commitment to sustainability and societal impact.
  • Collaborative Culture: Team-oriented environment fostering creativity and growth.

20. Zoho

In 1996, Sridhar Vembu and Tony Thomas established Zoho Corporation Private Limited, which is one of the most successful product companies in the world.

In addition to its Indian headquarters, the company also has an office in Pleasanton, California, where it manufactures and services web-based business tools.

Top 20 Product Based Companies In India – Zoho

Top 5 Products:

  1. Zoho CRM: Customer relationship management software.
  2. Zoho Workplace: Integrated suite of productivity and collaboration tools.
  3. Zoho Books: Cloud accounting software for small businesses.
  4. Zoho Desk: Help desk software for customer support.
  5. Zoho Creator: Low-code application development platform.

Reasons to Choose Zoho:

  • Productivity Suite: Comprehensive suite of business applications for SMBs.
  • Innovative Solutions: Developing user-friendly and affordable business software.
  • Global Presence: Serving customers worldwide with a focus on SMBs.
  • Work-Life Balance: Emphasizing a balanced and flexible work environment.
  • Entrepreneurial Spirit: Opportunity to contribute to a growing tech company.


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