Different types of non-green Plants for Garden


When someone ask a question, what’s the color of the plants? You surely answer him green, right? In general we see tons of green color plants. But do you know there’re some extremely attractive plants that are not green in color.

Are you looking for colorful plants to add to your home garden? Most of the plants have a vibrant green color due to the chlorophyll green pigment. But what about to add colorful plant to your home garden ideas?

Let us tell you that these plants come in range of colors. There’re various plants around the globe that are purple, pink, red and yellow.

Ti Hawaiian plant

Ti Hawaiian plants generally don’t flower and can’t withstand temperatures under 50 degrees F as their color fades under this temperature. 

If you want to grow Ti Hawaiian plant indoors, you’ll need to fertilize it each 2 months during winters. Though this plant doesn’t much care and you can enjoy this wonderful plant all year long.

Black Lace Elder

This is also one of the most beautiful non-green plants & sometimes seems like a maple plant. Black Lace Elder is origin to Europe, it consists of beautiful thin purple leaves that appear almost black.

It seems exceptionally beautiful in the spring when the pink flowers grow against the blackish leaves. in autumn season, the black berries complete the stunning image.

Coral Bells

These unusual perennials – which have a good tolerance for low light, drought and poor soil, and high temperature – are grown more for their foliage than their bell-formed flowers.

Their leaves come in nearly each hue imaginable, from yellow and silver to purple and nearly rich black.

Begonia Rex

Among the different types of Begonias plant, Begonia Rex is one of the most beautiful plants that is well-known for its leaves that are almost 6 to 12″ long.

Though, it’s advisable to trim them in time as well as tear off the dead leaves. The color of the Begonia Rex ranges from silver to red to purple. These plants are generally found in northeast India, Vietnam and Southern China.

Royal Purple Smoke Tree

This beautiful showy sun lower gets its name from magenta foliage, fluffy – seed-like clusters that turn scarlet in the autumn season and resemble billows of smoke after afar.

Origin from Netherland, the small deciduous builds for a wonderful accent plant – but it belongs to the similar family as family as poisonous ivy, so it is advisable to be careful when handling it avoid skin problem.

Mosaic plant

This plant also called a nervous plant, needs warm water to grow perfectly. The color of the Mosaic plant can vary from pink to red and green and it needs proper sunlight for 12hrs each day.

Long times and heat are their basic needs for survival. You can plant Mosaic plant at the edge of your home garden to attract some eyeballs.


There’re many non-green plants that don’t have chlorophyll but are still crucial plants. These beautiful plants are generally known to absorb their food via dead animals, other plants or stale food.

Well, we all love green color plants but if you’re looking to add a little shade to your home gardening ideas, you can grow or invest in these gorgeous plants.

Japanese maple

If you like non-green plants, than no garden would be complete without Japanese maple. There’re several types of these gorgeous shrubs and trees that have a big variation in size, from small types that grow to a max height of among 2 and 4 feet, to big trees that can exceed 25′.

They’re known for the ease with that they grow supremely and their vigorous but nice growth habits. They’re noted for their amazing fall colors, through some Japanese maple trees will also produce bright colored foliage entire year round, in striking colors or red, orange, purple, yellow and green.

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