15 Best First Birthday Cake Designs to Delight Your Little One


The first birthday of your little one deserves a special cake, which is why we’re sharing our favourite first birthday cake ideas today. This fun and festive First birthday cake designs will inspire you to bake it yourself or order something special at your local bakery. Happy birthday to your kiddo!

The first birthday of a child is an exhilarating moment for any parent. It feels like just yesterday my little ones were born and now we’re celebrating this bittersweet milestone. Of course, a special occasion like this deserves a beautiful cake! However, choosing the perfect theme for their first birthday cake can be a challenge due to the abundance of options. That’s why I’ve compiled a list of popular and gender-neutral ideas for first birthday cakes that may assist you in selecting the ideal theme for your child or client.

The momentous occasion of your toddler’s first birthday deserves a memorable celebration. Online, there are numerous shops offering delectable cakes specifically for this milestone. This day marks how much your child has grown in the past year, from a sleepy new-born to an active little one with their own unique personality. Perhaps they have even shown preferences for certain colours or characters from books or TV. Utilize these 1st birthday cake ideas when planning their special day and find the perfect cake to match the chosen theme.

Explore Adorable First Birthday Cake Designs

  1. Alphabet First Birthday Cake Designs

These fondant replicas of fridge magnet letters are the ideal addition to your child’s first birthday cake. With two tiers, there will be plenty to go around for the extended family and friends.

This delightful cake will surely add a touch of sweetness to your little one’s special day. You can choose from a variety of flavours and designs for these online numeric cakes, and we also offer full customization options.

Simply let us know the theme of your birthday party and we will create a matching cake just for you.

2. Unique Teddy Bear First Birthday Cake Designs

It’s a great way to make your child feel magical, including using their favourite cartoon character? Your child will love this lovely fondant teddy bear cake. These special teddy bear cakes contain fondant-made little teddy bears and chocolate balls.

The teddy bear has all edible components, so don’t worry if your toddler picks it up and eats it. Have a great party and enjoy.

3. Chocolate bear First Birthday Cake Designs

It’s so easy to make this Grizzly Chocolate Bear Cake, and it’s sure to be a hit at your kid’s party.

4. Barbie First Birthday Cake Designs

Is Barbie doll collecting fun for your daughter? With this edible cake that features Barbie herself, you may elevate her doll-loving obsession. This first birthday cake idea for girls would look amazing as the focal point of your celebration.

Make a 3D dress cake centered around a doll you choose that has the same charm and expression as your daughter. Customize the colors to go with your child’s birthday party dress, and be ready for lots of compliments from your visitors.

Make sure to incorporate fun textures into the edible dress by utilizing a variety of piping techniques!

5. Cartoon themed First Birthday Cake Designs

All kids will find Pikachu to be one of the cutest characters, even though he doesn’t have any major changes. Additionally, it is the greatest option to present it flawlessly in the opening photo of your child’s first birthday celebration. It comes in incredible, delicious flavors that are concealed and covered with chocolate drips.

6. Photo Print First Birthday Cake Designs

Nothing captures the essence of your baby’s precious moments quite like a photo cake. These unique first birthday designs bring an extra special touch to your celebration by incorporating personal memories.

Choose from a single image or multiple frames to showcase your favorite pictures of your little one. It’s truly an indescribable feeling to take a trip down memory lane while indulging in each photo adorning the cake.

And that’s not all – your guests will have the opportunity to not only view but also devour these cherished memories. How cool is that!

7. Unicorn First Birthday Cake Designs

What could be more delicious, adorable, and sparkling for your child’s birthday party than a unicorn cake? All the custom fun of a sprinkle-filled unicorn without the hassle!

8. Jungle Theme First Birthday Cake Designs

Your child is sure to adore this jungle-inspired cake for their first birthday, bringing wild energy into the celebration. With earthy and green tones, the aim is to recreate a safari atmosphere on the cake.

While fondant provides a tidy appearance, buttercream is also suitable. Let your imagination run wild with fondant decorations featuring your little one’s beloved animals, plants, palm trees, and even a python for extra excitement.

This two-tier cake adds a touch of fun and adventure that will be enjoyed by both children and adults!

9. Floral First Birthday Cake Designs

Stunning pink icing roses fit perfectly with a floral-themed party, and the sparkly gold hearts and big number 1 complete the look.

10. Baby Shark Theme First Birthday Cake Designs

Watch as your little one’s eyes light up with joy upon discovering this incredible baby shark-themed first birthday cake. The two-tier creation showcases an ocean-inspired design, complete with adorable fondant figures of baby sharks and their family.

The top tier is dedicated to the beloved characters, while the bottom tier captures the essence of the sea with blue fondant waves and charming sea creatures. Sprinkling some biscuit crumbs on the base adds a touch of realism to the cake and brings it to life.

And don’t forget to set the mood by playing the iconic rhyme in the background, ensuring that your young guests will be dancing along to its catchy tunes!

11. Butterfly theme First Birthday Cake Designs

The wings of these cute pink fondant butterflies are not edible, but the rest is, and they are easy to make.

12. Rainbow First Birthday Cake Designs

Indulge in the magic of a Rainbow Cake! This simple yet delectable treat is an ideal way to jazz up your child’s birthday celebration. Adorned with a mix of vibrant frosting, your cake will boast a stunning rainbow design.

As each slice is cut, the beautiful colours create a unique rainbow effect. A colourful and lively addition to any occasion, a rainbow themed cake is the perfect choice for your little one’s first birthday.

Not only does it represent the many shades of joy that your child brings to your life, but it also reminds them that the world is full of bright and cheery hues waiting to be explored. Elevate the party atmosphere by pairing this sweet confection with cupcakes and chocolates.

13. Mickey Mouse First Birthday Cake Designs

The timeless Mickey Mouse is a top choice for a first birthday cake theme that kids adore. With its lovable appearance and cheerful demeanor, this design is sure to be a party favourite.

Take a look at our three-tiered Mickey Mouse cake for boys, featuring the iconic yellow, white, black, and red colours. You can customize your cake with either fondant or buttercream frosting, and select from chocolate, Oreo, vanilla, or other flavours for each tier.

Add some fun touches like fondant swirls and Mickey-shaped decorations of feet, hands, and ears to get all the little ones excited!

14. Spiderman First Birthday Cake Designs

You deserve nothing less for your little hero’s first birthday than a superhero cake. This Spiderman birthday cake for boys features all the elements of the Marvel comic series.

Choosing the right colors – red, blue, black, and hints of yellow – is the first step. Use fondant or buttercream to cover up the body and add accents of Spiderman’s face, web, and even Manhattan skyscrapers.

15. Animal themed First Birthday Cake Designs

From their stuffed toys to their picture books, toddlers come into contact with animals, birds, fruits, and many other things every single day.

Your one-year-old will find it captivating to have an animal-themed cake, adding a unique charm to the party as a whole.

It is sure to be a hit among all your young party attendees if you choose a jungle-themed cake or one with your child’s favourite animals.

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