12 Best YouTube Workout Channels for Every Type of Fitness

If you’re looking to get in shape but don’t have the time or money to hit up a gym, you need to check out some of the best YouTube workout channels.

There are tons of fitness YouTubers who offer free exercise videos that cover everything from fat-burning workouts to meditation and yoga.

But with so many people claiming to be fitness specialists, you might question who to trust with daily workout guidance. After all, it is a matter of your overall health. 

We got you covered here. We have come up with the 12 best free YouTube channels to help you get your fitness goals whether it be losing weight, gaining muscles, or getting into shape. So, let’s get started. 

Chloe Ting

Chloe ting has been a savor for many across the world for the past two years. She got most popular during the lockdown months. Most of her workouts are apartment-friendly, do not need any equipment, and are targeted to core parts of the body. If you follow her workouts programs with a healthy diet routine, you will see instant results. 

Emi Wong

Emi wong is a Canadian YouTuber who is also known for her free fitness programs on YouTube. Her workouts will give you heavy sweat without any equipment and are best to tone up your body and strengthen muscles using your own body weight. 

Pamela Reif

Pamela is a German fitness model who started her YouTube channel to share 

her fitness experience with the world and got famous for her fat burn, HITT workouts, abs, and booty workouts. You will see 10-minute workouts videos for both beginners and the most advanced level fitness enthusiasts. 

Yoga with Adriene 

Best free channel for yoga lovers. You get the feeling that you’re in a real-life yoga session because of Mishler’s soothing vibe and engaging personality. Yoga with Adriene has become a popular YouTube channel when it comes to at-home yoga practice in the past few years.


FitnessBlender is created by husband-and-wife Daniel and Kelli Segars and has over 600 free videos that give a variety of alternatives for your personal workout program.

The channel offers a variety of high-intensity exercises and challenges. These routines include HIIT (high-intensity interval training) cardio for the lower body and upper body strength exercises.


THENX is another YouTube channel run by Chris Heria and his team of coaches that help you get in form at home. 

The simple-to-follow workout videos are an excellent alternative for anyone seeking to improve their shape, strength, and flexibility while remaining in their comfort zone (home).


Whether you’re looking for a long forty-minute sweat session or a quick short video, this YouTube fitness channel is sure to inspire you to take your fitness to the next level.

Toni Mitchell

This is one of the best home workout channels dedicated to helping you get into shape, by cardio and strength training. 

Additionally, she explains to her viewers that they can accomplish amazing results while living a vegan diet and provides advice on how to include more plant-based foods into their daily routine. 

The Live Fit Girl

The Live Fit Girl features 15–20 minute Pilates sessions that will help in improving shape, and increase muscle mass. 

Her exercise sessions are simple to follow, and you can quickly switch between full-body exercises and ones that focus on target body areas.

Bradley Martyn

If you’re looking to build muscles and get strong, all of your favorite sessions are now available on Bradley Martyn’s videos. Most of the workouts involve weight lifting and intense workouts and the results are awesome. 


This workout channel is best for both men and women. Each workout is meticulously intended to facilitate you in burning calories for efficient weight loss through high-intensity exercises, intervals training, and strength training exercises done with only your body weight or minimum equipment. 

This channel is ideal for self-motivation and responsibility, as well as doing workouts with a partner.

Breathe and Flow

Run by a married couple, Bre and Flo. Both are qualified yoga instructors. They provide a variety of yoga and meditation sessions appropriate for all fitness levels. You can choose between short, medium, or lengthy sessions with varying degrees of difficulty. 

These are the best-trusted YouTube fitness channels you can blindly go for. Do check them out and see what fits best for your body and goals.  

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