Can Wearing Certain Colors Affect Your Mood?


Has the blue color ever made you feel confident and calm?  Does a yellow-colored room ever make you feel uneasy? Deep and talented Artists and designers have fiercely believed that yes colors do affect your mood, sentiments, and feelings. Pablo Picasso once declared that ‘’the yellow color does change your sentiments’’.

Colors are like talkative tools and can be used for many purposes like signal action and can have the strength to control your physiological sections or your mood. Certain colors have been connected to raising blood pressure, eyestrain, and increased metabolism. 

So how exactly does this color game work? How did this color game believe to have affected your body language, behavior, or mood?

What Is Color Affecting Game?

In the year 1666, The name of English scientist Sir Isaac Newton ascertained that when pure white light transferred through a spectrum, it parted into all visible colors. The scientist also discovered that every signal color is made up of a single wavelength that can’t be parted away into any other color.

Further experiments show that light can be mixed with any other color. As an example, if you mix yellow into red light it creates an orange-colored light. Many colors like magenta and green, cancel the combination and turn into any other new color and as a result, only the white color appears. 

If you ever used colors during the painting or drawing and watch other experts explain how artists can mix colors into each other to create another beautiful shade, you better know how the color game works. 

During the less exploration in this field, the concept of this color game has become a very hot and sensitive topic in art, marketing, interior design. In this advanced aura of this field the narrative is at best, the experimenters and experts had some new essential discoveries about the colors psychology and how and why and which one affects the mood, sentiments, or behavior.

Your sentiments about colors can often certainly be personal and embedded with your own culture or with the experience you go through.

As an example, in many western countries, the white color shows purity, love, and freedom or many of them are using white as a grief sadness and prefer to wear it at funerals. 

Many of them represent the Red color for happiness, brightness in life and prefer to wear on the happiest day and many of them have believed it to be a bad signal in humans and animals. Black doesn’t go well in summer.

According to many perspectives, it causes them to feel hotter, and many of them use this color as a sense of sadness and wear it at funerals.

Colorology Therapy

Many archaic cultures, including the Chinese and Egyptians, did experiments with chromo therapy, and to heal used colors.

Chromo therapy is sometimes mentioned as colorology or light therapy. 

Colorology till now used as a holistic or another choice of treatment.

. Red is used to intensify your mind and body and boost circulation.

. Indigo shades are like your thoughts if you believe they diminish skin breakouts.

. Orange is probably used to recover your lungs and boost your energy.

. Yellow is sometimes fruitful for eyes and filtrate for the body.

. Blue is a cool colour for your health and treats illness pain. 


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