Mural art painting ideas for modern wall decoration


If you are looking for something extra dramatic and bold design on walls, mural artwork is the way to go. For all not in the know, mural artwork features creative paint designs curated on walls or ceilings to achieve a broader and more appealing look. 

Mural art latest home design typically can be a striking sight, favorite landscapes, cityscapes, or anything you can think of. 

You can either DIY mural art on walls or simply purchase a mural painting to get the job done. There are so many mural art new design home available, but selecting a perfect one might be challenging for you. 

In this article, we will showcase a couple of stunning mural painting ideas you need for your walls to spice up the empty plain walls. It’s time to try them out, so let’s get started. 

Full coverage with a single color and embossed design 

Let the one color steal the show with the embossed textures and luxurious flock new design home. Create the whole wall with a basic artistic mural art that embraces the traditional latest home design with a flair of elegance and modernity. 

Set the mood with digital print 

Digital print is ruling the world, thanks to advanced digital printing technology. So why not try mural prints on walls? You will find a tremendous variety in digital print mural paintings. Choose what suits your personality and mood. Mural painting wallpapers are the easiest way to change the game if not, hire a professional painter otherwise. 

Make a statement with textures

Simply beautiful. Get that rough textured mural that makes a statement with anything placed against it, whether it be wall frames, decorative mirrors, tabletop, lamps, etc. Go basic with colors but make sure to add texture touches and hints to finish the wall look home design india.

Go darker with a glam look

This exquisite wall mural artwork displays the magnificence feel with its darker color background. Full wall coverage with this welcoming design inspiration against a black or darker background faces everyone warmly. The glamorous design can be mixed or matched with the furnishing to get that cohesive appearance home design india. 

Opt for a color that reflects your personality 

Adding mural paintings to the wall in any room changes its feel completely. So, choose what reflects your personality. Be more sophisticated and classic when choosing a mural painting for the bedroom, for example, decent/classic color nature-inspired wall murals are relaxing and calming. Choose something bold and striking for living rooms instead. 

Add coherence with bold colors 

This mural geometric art design with bold and spicy colors presents a fabulous way to create dramatic accents or elegant focal points against mute color wall paint in any room. The striking color pattern when paired with furnishing can define the color palette of modern interior home decor india ideas and add gorgeous decorations to your home modern interior design.

Design dreamy bedroom 

Stunning wall mural paintings idea are great ways to update your bedroom home decor india ideas and personalize its interior design as they are more than just wallpaper. 

This dreamy mural art will take you to the fantasy world and transform any bedroom, into something exceptional, and add color, depth, and personality. These mural designs can be hand-painted or printed on canvas or vinyl. 

The unique decorating ideas for kid’s rooms and wall murals with playful themes are great ways to make the room decorating look more interesting and fun.

The takeaway 

Painting house interior design is sure to inspire. Create a room show-stopping focal point with a single mural art paint. Whether your personal taste runs to landscapes, wildlife, or abstract designs, an enormous mural artwork can transform a room with a dramatic impact.

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