15 Genius Ways to Use Decorative Pedestals at Home


Decorative Pedestals are a great addition to your home decor. They can add some height and character to your room, which will make a room seem bigger than it is. However, the fun doesn’t stop there. You can use them for a wide array of things beyond adding an accent piece to your home! Today we’re going to take a look at 15 genius ways you can use Decorative Pedestals in your home.

A sculpture or other 3D artwork

Much like with Wall Paintings and photos, you can use a pedestal to create a “frame” for an object that isn’t flat, such as a sculpture, and other 3D works of art.

A decorative pedestal

There’s no better way to make your art really stand out than by placing a decorative pedestal. Placing a decorative pedestal on any side table of a room decor makes it feel more like a valuable artifact and the pedestal acts as a frame — it draws the eye from the surrounding space to the work of art itself.

Lamp pedestals 

Nothing is more inviting than a warmly lit entryway. Display lamp on decorative pedestals and place it at the front door of your home ideas to welcome guests.

Showcase flowers

Decorative pedestals are also perfect when used as plant stands. It breathes a new life to any nook in the home decor design


Another great use for decorative pedestals is displaying sculptures or vases on them. This is especially great when they feature beautiful shapes that deserve extra attention!

Add Height to Your Space

If you want your room to feel taller (or just have more visual interest), decorative pedestals can help you achieve this goal by giving you a reason to look up and around in your li. 

Display Art

This is one of the most common uses for decorative pedestals. If you have an amazing piece of paintings that you want to display in a prominent spot in your home, place it on a decorative pedestal. Just be sure the wall art is relatively small so as not to overwhelm the pedestal.


Using a decorative vase or pot pedestal is an easy way to create a focal point in your living room or home office by displaying some of your favorite books out in the open, where they can be admired by everyone who enters the room design

Antique vases

Make the staircase landing or front of the window more stylish by displaying premium quality antique vases and urns. It adds a classy and traditional touch to your place, particularly when placed on floor or table pedestals.

A decorative cloche

A cloche alone adds height and interest to a collection of cherished fixtures. They’re an easy way to add an antique feel to any room of your home design.

Gazing globes

If you love gazing globes, give them their own pedestal so they’ll be easier to see and keep clean during winter months when they’re not surrounded by colorful flowers in your garden ideas.


 Candles can go from pretty to spectacular when paired with a decorative pedestal. Candles and candlesticks are a classic topping for pedestals, but being able to raise them off the table creates even more drama. Try using a tall candle or grouping shorter candles together to make a statement.

Light vignette

If you have a dark corner in the living room design that needs brightening up, consider adding a decorative table lamp and using a pedestal as an impromptu side table. The combination of lighting, height, and color creates a light vignette that draws attention without taking up too much space.

Choose the right style

Consider the style of your home when choosing pedestals for your home decor. A vintage-inspired or antique pedestal works well in eclectic or traditional interiors, while modern interior design homes will benefit from simple lines and minimal detailing.

Customize for complementary touch

Use two different heights of decorative pedestals to create balance in the room and see what suits best for your home interior design

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