Ways to modernize traditional floral prints


Traditional floral paintings or Print may not be the first thing to pop into your mind while imagining a chic home. However, don’t be deceived by the fogy reputation of these archetypal patterns. Guest rooms and dollhouses are no longer the only ones rocking these stunning prints.

Today, floral prints are all over, and it’s important to pair them with unexpected features to make them feel modernized. So, the following are ways to modernize traditional prints:

Bright bedding 

The simplest and cheapest way to neaten your Bed Room Design is by turning to new and bold bedding. If you want to add a bright style to your room, an oversized floral print might be an ideal choice. You can also choose to add a twist on the color choice.

Consider window treatment 

Being committed to a given style is a big deal. However, you can add a convertible chic accent to avoid hassling. The major starting point? The window. Ignore the paint and the wallpaper and go straight to the stylish fabric to outfit the window. Brilliant floral curtains add personality that has been missing before.

A mixture of styles 

It’s not guaranteed that traditional patterns will look traditional when displayed on a piece of furniture. Custom upholstery allows you to be more creative and make a sudden decision towards upgrading old furnishings. The gorgeousness of this contemporary entryway is styled by adding an excellent floral settee. 

Floral info 

There are many subtle ways to bring floral info into your space. And Rebecca’s mirror design is a good example. Engraved rosettes shape this gray-washed mirror for a sculptured effect that brings a feminine feeling. 

Bathroom details

Just like floral, wallpapers are attached to negative stigma. While a given style may appear outdated, a range of stunning options can bring dramatic effects in any space. While wallpaper has an amazing look in an entire bathroom, a one-wall accent creates depth and additional character to this small room. 

Outdoor decoration 

Express some love to your outdoor space by adding some floral touches. Using small such as tablecloths, cloth napkins, and tea towels is the simplest and easy way of introducing these patterns into your furbishing scheme. Try incorporating the current obsession, such as rattan, to freshen your outdoor space. 

Incompatible patterns 

More is more, and this idea proves it all. One way to modernize any traditional element is to mix and match elements. Mixing a classic wallpaper with bold bedding will amazingly transform your room. Use as multiple patterns and prints as possible when decorating. This bold Decorating Ideas usually provides the most stylish spaces around. 

Tie them together 

Use similar patterns to your floral design inspiration continuity. This yields a romantic wallpaper, creating a significant impact. Filling similar patterns in one room creates a showstopper focus.

Consider moody-hued wallpaper. 

What comes to your mind about floral prints? You must be thinking about a mixture of pastels with green and blue. A black and white print can instantly freshen the room and create a more dramatic feelingin the house interior design.

Although it seems traditional, this color freshens and modernizes the room when paired with vintage furniture. 


It is always recommendable to use an equal proportion of feminine and masculine elements when garnishing a space. Geometrical prints are the ideal way to create a balanced floral pattern. 

The bottom line 

Floral prints give us some golden memories. You might have seen one that reminds you of grandma’s house. We no longer need to miss them as we can restore these traditional arch to bring back the amazing feeling. So, are you looking forward to restoring and modernizing traditional floral prints? The above Home Décor Ideas are your starting point.

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