Ariene Bethea’s Colorful Home Is a Treasure Trove of Eclectic, Collected Decor


There are dreamers, and there are those who do. Ariene Bethea falls into the latter category. Ariene made her dream come to life with her storefront for designer furniture, Dressing Rooms Interiors Studio. She’s been described as a “design maven,” whose arrival has been described as “changing the face of Design Inspiration the South.” Her style is apparent throughout her home in Charlotte, where she lives with her husband Daren (a dreamer and an accomplished individual in his way). Daren is a chiropractic care specialist through Charlotte’s first mobile chiropractor clinic. Passion defines Ariene and Daren’s place of residence and daily life.

When Bethea is in charge, these classic accents are not stale and instead provide an ideal framework for a completely individual Home Decor Design that, according to Bethea states, “fits how we live and highlights what is essential to our family as a whole. Here are some tips for looking your home into a Colorful Home.

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The foundational elements of the room came from my most beloved color, blue, and my love for black and white. The influence from the global world is directly from my mother. Adorned was a childhood home with equally African and Asian home décor. I’ve passed on several of her items.

Favorite Element:

I am in love with the brightness that floods the space. The Wall ideas in the morning appear bluer, while at night, they appear greyer.

Biggest Challenge: 

Selling my finds but not keeping them! I follow a rule; it must be discarded whenever something new arrives on the market. This has led me to become an unrelenting editor. I keep only what I’d want to keep in the event of an emergency.

What Friends Say:

People are often amazed by how different the home looks when they visit. They also mention that they feel relaxed and peaceful.

Biggest Embarrassment: 

The main bedroom design isn’t finished, and I’d like to replace the carpet shortly. The carpet is not my priority at this moment.

Proudest DIY:

This gold-colored ceramic stool is from Target and polished with stones at Home Goods.

Biggest Indulgence:

Custom built-in cabinetry. There was no storage, and I needed a substantial amount.


Bethea’s eclectic style is visible in the entryway of her Home wall décor, in which she’s incorporated sculptures and fine art from different sources. “I know I love animals, such as Tricorn black or Sherwin Williams paint. The side table needs to be customized to adjust the table’s position. I am a fan of sculptures and art and the zanele Muholi in addition to Banner Nursery and Garden Center.


As this is among the first things you will see upon you enter the home, Bethea scrapped a statement backsplash to make way for something more subtle but visually appealing:

Dining Area 

Bethea found the mask collection from a fellow antique dealer and placed them on the gallery wall in her home from childhood.

Table: Caracole.

Chairs: Universal Furniture.

Carpet: Surya.

Sideboard: Bernhardt.

Vases Vintage (left), West Elm (right).

Living Room 

“It was pretty black-and-white at first and then I gradually started adding layers,” designer Ariene Bethea says about the living room design that is anchored by an original Robert Lawson Paintings that was her mother’s. 

Paint: Smoke, Glidden. 

Carpet: Surya. 

Art: Minted (over windows) Texture Imports (seated figurine) and a vintage Nigerian Yoruba crown (in the right-hand window). 

Curtains Martha & Ash made of Teresa Roche wall art painting & Textiles fabric.

Coffee table: Bernhardt. 

Ottomans: vintage.


“This room was originally a really light blue,” Bethea declares. “But I realized after living in it that I didn’t like waking up in a bright room design.” A hotel stays led to the change to the “moodier” hue, which Bethea discovered by mixing a variety of Sherwin Williams shades. 

Mirror, wall art, mannequin

Couch: vintage.

Pillow: MD Home Collection. 

Bedspread: Etsy. 

Bolsters: Swank house interior design

Lamp: Dressing Rooms Interiors Studio. 


A sofa by Milo Baughman from Bethea’s mom finds its new home in the sad room, adorned with a gilded, ornate mirror and an old tapestry by a patron. 

Paint: Tricorn Black, Sherwin-Williams. 

Mirror sofa and table with elephants

Lighting Ideas: vintage. 

Throw pillows: custom, Jackie Rae Studios.

Cabinet: vintage. 

Lamps: vintage, from Dressing Rooms Interior design Studios. 

Artwork: Tandem Antiques & Design.

Best Advice:

Every room requires at the very least one antique Decorating Ideas and a little black to balance the room. If you’re struggling to find the perfect piece for your room, you can try a flower (live, not fake) as an alternative to objects. They add texture color life, and clean the air.

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